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ICT 12

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Chapter No.  1   

Chapter 1

1 .1 Ethics Of Digital Communication

You will learn

Code of ethics and list of acceptable behavior when using computes and software in the school

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Worksheet:   MS Word Document rubric.docx ,     

1 .2 Windows Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Go to following links and learn about shortcut keys of windows. Try those keys and let me know if there is any problem.




Your Task:  Make 5 questions about shortcut keys on question submission page in ICT course

Quiz on shortcut keys. Wednesday Morning

Tutorial Videos:    Common windows shortcut keys.xyz ,     

Worksheet:   shortcut key quiz.docx ,     shortcut keys.docx ,     

1 .3 Mail Merge

Search for mail merge function online, how it works, and applications



  1. Make  a scenario that may need mail merge function

Where at least five different information can be automatically collected and information can be shown into word document

b. finish mail merge by saving  document to two different formats  i.e docx and pdf file

c. Save your files with appropriate names  and submit.

Worksheet:   02 Advances Functions mail merge.docx ,     

1 .4 References And Links

  1. Start a new word document, name it as yourname_references.docx
  2. Check examples
  3. Go to Home tab set font to Times New Roman, size 12 , single space
  4. Go to insert Tab and insert Header, footer and put page number in footer.
  5. Your first paragraph should have drop cap
  6. Go to Page layout tab, set margin to normal, orientation to portrait, size to a4,
  7. Create a booklet  of 10 pages, you can copy contents from website, Contents will not be marked but make sure that contents make sense
  8. Have level 1, 2, 3 headings, In total, all headings should be more than 15
  9. Make Table of contents and update the table of contents at the end of editing
  10. Insert at least 10 foot notes, 2 end notes
  11. Insert 3 citation using MLA sixth editing style
  12. Choose “work cited” style of bibliography
  13. Insert picture/figures and insert captions to those pictures/figures and
  14. Insert index and update index of the booklet
  15. Save your booklet as yourname_references.pdf and submit  online

Worksheets:    Advances Functions References ebook example.pdf ,     Instructions Advances Functions References .docx ,     example Sara_references.pdf ,     

1 .5 Review Tab Of Word Processor

Go to  following website to learn about review tab. 

In Microsoft Word 2007, the Review Tab is useful in a lot of ways. You can have the Spelling and Grammar feature, the Research option, Thesaurus and Translation functionality to help you improve your documents.  Here is what the Review Tab looks like.




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